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The Official Website of Team FNA where our goal is to prove that things aren’t always what they seem. Our fleet features a rusty 1970 Chevy® C-10 Farmtruck, a nasty 1966 VW® "Dung Beetle”, A Grocery Getting SRT-8 Jeep®, A 1000HP Gonorail® and many others! They may not look like much, but don't trust the rust.

Come Visit The Firehouse

The 405 is always buzzing, just like the FNA Firehouse in Oklahoma City. Come check out the shop and see where Farmtruck and AZN brainstorm, tinker, play with Suzy Lu, and get nothing done! 

4529 NW 36th St. Oklahoma City, OK 73122

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Blog Posts

Brian Groves - Hoosier207 - Drawing the Farmtruck

Brian Groves - Hoosier207 - Drawing the Farmtruck

Watch as Brian "Hoosier 207" draws the #Farmtruck in his own unique way that we a love and appreciate so much. We are fortunate enough to call Brian a friend of ours and a member of Team #FNA. 
COVID19 No Fox Given #1 street race

COVID19 No Fox Given #1 street race

This was a last minute thrown together Foxbody only shootout.
Tha Entertainer, LT1 that could, Jayce Andrade, Honest Work and OG Craigslistkilla. This was a 220 buy in $1000 payout Race.
WATCH! Hoosier207 Draw "the 57"

WATCH! Hoosier207 Draw "the 57"

Over the years Brian, or better known as "Hoosier207"  has come up with some amazingly hilarious drawings of Team FNA. We are fortunate enough to c...