Our first No Prep Kings stop! ( New Show Announcement)

After missing part of season 3 and all of season 4, team FNA is BACK at NPK! We are also back with a brand new show that we are hosting! The information we have regarding the new show may be a little slim at this time, but we have two words to describe it best: SMALL TIRE! We are extremely excited to start this new endeavor as it will be a little out of our comfort zone with no vehicles to be looking after. Our latest YouTube video documented the first day at the Maple Grove Raceway dragstrip in Pennsylvania. This track is extremely beautiful and the story behind how it was saved makes it even better. We got the chance to chat it up with the new owners of the track, Kyle Koretsky and the Koretsky family. This family stepped up and bought the race track before the warehouse logistic buyers were able to get their hands on it. With a deep background in racing with Kyle and his family, he knew how important it was to keep these traditions alive for the upcoming generations who may not have the draw to racing like past generations. He explained that buying the racetrack wasn’t just for racing purposes. He explained an impressive list of all of the plans that his family had for the racetrack and it included concerts, marathons, and other events that bring in the everyday person. Meeting Kyle and seeing his passion for racing and this drag strip made us happy and proud of him and his family.

After we chopped it up with Kyle, we shot around on our new electric pit bikes to see what everyone around the track was up to. We met up with Shawn, aka murder nova, and took a short tour around with his crew.


Being back in the racing atmosphere that No prep kinds bring is unlike any other feeling in the drag racing world. We love being back and it brings us an immense sense of nostalgia that we have been missing. We can’t wait to see what this new show and our road trip around the country will bring us. You can be sure to follow along with all of our antics and endeavors on our YouTube channel!



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