FNA's Rusty Fleet

Weighing in just under 5,000lbs the Farmtruck prays on super cars and super egos.
Powered by an Advanced Engine Machine 632ci, Nitrous Express fed engine and a TH400 / 3 spd Rossler Transmission. The Farmtruck is running a Quick Performance 9" rear end. The Farmtruck ain't afraid to empty wallets and break hearts.  She's been our flagship for over a decade and we don't plan on lightening her up or changing her appearance, she is what she isn't. FARMAAGEDDOOOOOOOON!!!!
AZN's 1966 Volkswagen bug has taken down a fair share of super cars & egos along side the Farmtruck. The Dung originally started with a turbocharged 1915cc sandrail engine when it was purchased from an online ad and shipped to Oklahoma.  Originaly work to the Dung was done by AZN and Fast Eddie Imports in Oklahoma City.  A 2332cc was swapped in place of the 1915cc and after a quick destoration by Artist Tony Westlund here in the 405, the Dung Beetle was born.  We went on to win many races and losing a few along the way.  
Time moves fast and in the racing world, those who don't change and adapt, get left behind, so recently it has gone through a complete re-build by Misfire Motorsports in Edmond, OK. It's now sporting a EJ25 Subaru 2.5l engine by IAG, heads were ported by Headgames, Fuel system is under control with Haltech plugged into the Painless wiring harness, Rotating Assembly by Manley PerformanceTurbonetics 62mm turbo and the new Rancho Bus box 4-speed transaxle was bolted to a newly fabricated IRS Suspension by Ron Lummus Racing out of California.  
The Farmbird was built for Discovery Channel's first Mega Race to take on Aaron Kaufman and his BMW in a winner takes all, best out of 3 race. Aaron won the road course by the skin of his teeth but Farmtruck and AZN took home the W by winning the drag race and tug-o-war!  The Farmbird is rockin a Nitrous Express fed, 455ci Pontiac engine built by Marc Brown with Advanced Engine Machine and further enhanced by Butler Performance. The manual 4 speed powers the rear wheels that are on a Quick Performance 9" rear end
Jeeper Sleeper

AZN, from Street Outlaws, went on an absolute tear with our high profile 2008 Jeep SRT8 #JeepSleeper build in the 2018 season on the Discovery Channel. He won many races and even an entire event or two with his 6.1L based 405 HEMI stroker powered SUV hot rod. After the season was over, it was time bring #JeeperSleeper back to MMX for some serious upgrades and even some new cutting edge tech.

David Weber and the crew at Modern Muscle Xtreme knew exactly what needed to happen in order to take this awesome build to the next level for the 2019 season. Starting with a brand new MMX custom spec'd tool steel custom grind camshaft from CompCams, we also added a trans brake, and installed a larger Procharger F-1A94 supercharger as well. So obviously we've added some serious HP to the bottom line of this Jeep, but that wasn't our only mission here... We wanted AZN to be able to get down the track faster as well, which the added raw horsepower and boost will help, but we also wanted to address how boost is applied.

Enter SmoothBoost! In this particular Procharger application the SmoothBoost Electronic Boost Control System utilizes a electronically controlled bypass valve (as shown in the images above) versus a vacuum actuator coupled with a analog dial giving the driver the ability to control the amount of forced induction entering the engine. This allows for driver to basically allow all of the boost to flow out of the bypass valve for city driving and streetability, or turn the dial up and instruct the bypass valve to allow boost into the intake of the engine at various amount depending on the position. To see more, watch the video by AZN of Street Outlaws below!

This 2008 Jeep SRT8 Features the Following Modern Muscle Upgrades:6.1L Based 405 HEMI Stroker Engine by MMX
    • Procharger F-1A94 Supercharged
    • Electronic Controlled Bypass Valve by SmoothBoost
    • CompCam Custom Spec Tool Steel Performance Camshaft by MMX
    • ATI 18% Overdriven Balancer
    • Exclusive Modern Muscle / Fore Fuel System
    • ID 1050x Injectors
    • Innovate A/F and Boost Gauges
    • Trans Brake
    • Custom Modern Muscle Performance Chassis Dyno Tune

    The Gonorail
    Don't worry! You won't catch it!

    The Gonorail was built for Discovery Channel's Mega Race 2. Where Farmtruck, AZN and Jeff Lutz took on the boys from Fast N' Loud in a 30 lap road course. The Gonorail had the lead for the entirety of the race. It was looking like a runaway win until towards the end, where the Gonorail broke and gave Fast N' Loud the win. Now being set up for straight line drag racing, the Gonorail will be takin call outs on the streets! Gonorail is running a LS2 built by Marc Brown at Advanced Engine Machine and its helped out by a F-1A-91 ProCharger. The Quick Performance 9" rear end is turned by a Rossler Transmissions Built 4L80.
    Mordoor Nova
    The Mordoor Nova was built for one of the best pranks ever pulled on Street Outlaws. Now after some time has passed, the Mordoor has been given a few upgrades by Marc Brown at Advanced Engine Machine  and a little extra juice is provided by  Nitrous Express . Look for it soon, taking on some Daily Driver call outs!
    The D
    Nothing to see here! Just a regular ole Duramax tow pig that'll put bus lengths on ya, all while pulling the Farmtruck cross country. Built and tuned Caleb Baker at Black Out Performance. 
    The AWD 6.6 liter Duramax was uses Wagler Performance and PPE parts.
    The Skid Truck
    This C-10 short bed was built specifically for one thing and one thing only. To kill all the tires down unda at the legendary, 31st annual Street Machine Summernats Car Festival.
    The rusty pick-up was found resting in a field in Arkansas, and then shipped to Canberra Australia. That is where the students and teachers from the Canberra Institute of Technology, along with Farmtruck and AZN built the truck for the burnout competition. The Skid Truck is rocking a LS2 engine with a Magnuson supercharger kit. All managed by Haltech EFI.
    All photos taken by Lou with 405 Photo