We picked up a 1976 El Dorado!

We tend to get a little nervous every time farm isn't around at the shop because we know it only means one thing: more random purchases... As soon as Azn got a call from Farm to meet him at the Arrow wrecker tow lot, Azn knew it was time to grab some miscellaneous tools and hit the road running. Azn was slightly confused with what Farm could have possibly found at a tow lot, but things quickly began to make more sense upon pulling into Arrow Wrecker. Arrow Wrecker is not only a towing company, it is a junkyard as well. They can have both services at the same time because of their massive car lot. Knowing that this was now a junkyard as well, Azn knew he was about to have to get his hands dirty. Following Farm's vague directions, Ed, Lou, and Azn all strolled up to see an interesting sight. There was a 1976 Eldorado Cadillac in pearl white waiting to be seen by the group.

This car had obviously seen better days, but for how long it had been sitting it was in pretty good shape. There were two different time frames given for how long the car was suspected to be sitting. The first guess we heard was around 20 years and then Al, the owner of the lot, came by and said he would have to check the books but he was pretty sure it was closer to 8 years. Either way, time had definitely taken its toll on this beautiful car. The interior of the car was very rough but that is not anything to worry about with the select group of people surrounding the car. In good Farmtruck fashion, he wanted to see if the caddy would start-up because why not ya' know!. After giving the carburetor a healthy spray of starting fluid, the car gave a few seconds of life and that was good enough for everyone around.

After talking back and forth with Al, Farm finally asked the question to find out how much he was asking for the Cadillac. After some deep consideration, Al turned back to Farm and dropped an absolute bombshell on Farm by telling him he is donating the car to us. Having a 1976 Eldorado is one thing, but it is given to you for free is a completely different feeling! Al also made sure to have one of the tow trucks from his fleet take the caddy all the back to our shop in Bethany. Farm and Azn were ecstatic and could not thank Al enough for all of the kind gestures he made to us. We will forever be grateful for Al and top of the line towing business he built from the ground up.  Farms' original plan for the caddy was to cut it up and make something unique and cool out of it. After hearing some feedback from our YouTube comment section and others, he may just change his mind to restore the car back to its glory days to preserve the history that the rare car carries. 

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