WYCO Racing’s Small Tire Shootout!


Photos by: LowLine Media


 The streets are alive and well. It’s not every day you get to see some of the baddest small tire street raced cars in the country on 28” tires racing on asphalt, with a water only burnout. Racers from all over the country ventured out to race in WYCO racing’s small tire shootout.


A race which involved 26 Cars from many different states From California to Ohio. Cars like Beater Bomb, Z Unit, The Luv, and more proved that they can get down an unprepared surface with the best of them. What transpired was nothing short of extraordinary.


Extremely fast passes and tight racing spanning over two full nights with many upsets. Not only does this video capture the racing, but it also highlights some of the funny behind the scenes action you wouldn’t normally see!

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