We Painted the Camper Car Van!

 As you can see from the picture above, the van underneath the camper car was simply made just to go fast and not exactly to please the eye. Considering that is the large majority of our vehicles' themes, it was a shock to hear that Farmtruck wanted the van underneath the camper car to get a fresh new paint job. When the word paint is used here around the shop, we know exactly to who the first phone call is going to be made. Dale over at performance auto painting in collision in Bethany Oklahoma has consistently done amazing work on all of the crazy projects that we throw at him. We are starting to believe we need to make our projects more difficult to paint just to give him a little bit of a challenge. Farm was not looking for an extravagant paint job that catches the eye anywhere it goes. He wanted the van to return to its original color and have a little flare in it at the same time. Dale got to work on the van and shortly after we were able to go view it for the first time. We were blown away with how good the van looked, he even added some flakes into the paint and Azn compared it to a brand new bass boat. You may be wondering why we decided to paint a van that lives most of its life underneath a camper shell, Farm wants every link of the chain to be perfected inside his fleet. If he has to raise the shell at a show or at the dragstrip to get to the engine or any other part of the van, he wants the van to look at its very best at all times. He also stated in the YouTube video that he has always wanted a van like the camper car van. It is very cool to see him live out his dreams from when he was younger through the projects he completes now. The crew returned to the shop to work on getting the camper show back on top of the van. What’s working on a farm truck and Azn project without scratching it up? As Azn was pulling the van underneath the shell, he scratched the camper shell right on top of the van‘s roof. A normal person would’ve been mad after scratching up a brand new paint job, but we believe Farm got even more excited after it showed some rough edges. As for now, the brand new painted camper van finds its forever home underneath the camper shell just waiting to prey on unsuspecting racers.



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