This last weekend AZN and I loaded up on coffee and took a last minute road trip out west to Scottsdale Arizona to pick up the latest FNA Project at Barrett-Jackson. The new addition to our rusty fleet happens to be Paul Walker's 1963 Chevy Nova Wagon.
After AZN "Accidentally" won the car while bidding online. We were told that the car had to be picked up no later than the 22nd of January, so a last minute trip was our only option. 

The trip started out just like any other road trip that we have now become accustomed to. We were up before dusk and on the road busting bugs by 5 am. I took the first driving shift as we started our journey, with an empty enclosed trailer hitched up to Farmtruck's Duramax. Usually Farmtruck would have joined us on this trip, unfortunately the day before we were set to leave, he started feeling under the weather and opted to not make the drive

About an hour east of Albuquerque, the truck start running rough and we noticed white smoke coming out of the exhaust. We promptly pulled over and assessed the situation. What we had was catastrophic. A piston decided it was it's time to go, so we were stranded on the side of the cold dark highway. We had to call the calvary in, Farmtruck made a plan! He and Ed got a trailer and truck ready and Ed started his drive to swap tow trucks with us. About 9 hours later, we had swapped trucks and trailers and we're on the road again. 

It was our first time having the Barrett-Jackson Experience. So we walked around the grounds with no idea what to do and full of questions. Everyone at Barrett-Jackson was extremely nice and helpful throughout the whole process. We finished paying for the wagon, picked up the keys and quickly loaded her up into the trailer. We have no idea what we are going to do with Paul Walker's old wagon. Our only plan at the moment is to research the car and maybe try to find out what Mr. Walker's intentions were with the car. A registration slip we found in the glove box told us that he had owned the car since 2009.

Watch us go through the process of picking up the Wagon at Barrett-Jackson. Make sure to like and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and let us know in the comments what you think we should do with the new project!


  • Dear Azn,
    did you bid on the 1964 Chevelle 300 2 dr wagon ? . To each his own , but that would have been my choice .
    Regards,Ed Flanagan

    Ed Flanagan
  • My first car I bought on my own at 16 years old was 63 nova 2 wagon. I worked at a used car lot washing cars ect. Owner of lot paid 50 dollars for it running and driving , he sold it to me for 250. This was in 1985.

    Todd wood
  • Guys please let us know how much did you pay for that beauty?

    Chico alcala
  • Hey Man nice video! I was happy to be included in your journey to get the car via this nice video and look forward to seeing what yall do with it and alson you should reach out to the family and see if they ever owned one of those in their family which may be why paul wanted to collect one… it would be cool trivia

    Bobby Simpson
  • Put a bigger motor but leave the body line it is in memory of Paul walker


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