VP Fuels...Mowing Down the Competition!


If you know us, we never back down from a good time or a race!

AZN had just tuned his home push mower with some VP Fuels 4-Cycle fuel. He set out to mow the lawn but Farmtruck had other plans. He thought he had what it took to take AZN down in his Chevmowlet. After some smack talk and a couple of nitrous purges to the face, we set up a cone and lined em up!



Doing only what they know, FNA backed them selves up in the lawn and right in the groove. With their game faces on, they checked their machines and pulled up to the line.


BANG! They both cut the best light of their lives. Farmtruck even busted out a monster wheelie. Sadly after the 8ft mark, Farmtruck broke his transmission and ended his race. AZN went on with a full pass, shown here in multiple angles and speeds. After taking the W, AZN talks about the race and his sponsor for the race....VP FUELS FTW! 


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