This has to be one of our favorite parts of our position. From shop chairs to stickers, to completely random things out of the blue, we never know what’s going to show up on our doorstep next. This time around, Vyper chairs decided to send out some of their products. These products consisted of quality shop chairs that could be seen as over-engineered. Our mechanic Ed had the task of putting these chairs together, but he couldn’t leave out all the fun for himself. He left a chair in the box for Farm and Azn to put together. Farm was adamant about not using the instructions as he claims that the process of figuring it out is the most fun part of putting things together.

After putting the chair together wrong a few times the duo finally figured it out just in time for Daddy Dave to walk through the door. Surprised by the guest, Farmtruck and Azn began to explain how well the chairs were built and Dave quickly agreed with them as he could see the build quality immediately. As we all know well, things get funny fast when street outlaws are together. Azn began pulling Dave around the shop on the chair and when Dave was pulled next to farm, farm lowered a shoulder into him and pushed him off the chair. You never know what to expect when these guys are together, but you know that something is going to make you laugh eventually. We want to thank Viper chairs for sending out some of their products as they exceeded our expectations and are a huge asset in our shop nowadays. We highly recommend checking them out and will link their products below.

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