The Dirt Farmer Enduro Truck has become kind of a jack of all trades vehicle for us. We can take it on a dirt circle track race and turn left for 200 laps or now we can take it off some sweet jumps! After changing out the suspension and doing other modifications to change the truck over from its Enduro Racing set up, we were ready to get our first Tuff Truck Challenge!

While Farmtruck and AZN were getting geared up, Ed and I went to go check out the Tuff Truck course. It was a muddy mess out there and they had set up some fun looking but challenging twists and turns in the course. The finish line was set up to have a great finish line photo with a big jump to end the race.
If you are familiar with Farmtruck you know he never backs down when you tell him to SEND IT! And that is what he did. He was able to catch the biggest air in the Tuff Truck Challenge tho his time was slow due to the carburetor flooding and killing the truck half way thru his run. Next up AZN made a perfect run despite not watching the drive thru and listening to the course explanation during the drivers meeting.

Unfortunately for a pit buddy of ours, his truck had broke. After an hour of Team FNA trying to help him fix the truck, it was done for. So in true FNA fashion, we got him to run the Dirt Farmer for the last lap thus forfeiting out final runs. This was an experience like to other, coming from a drag racing background. We truly loved seeing how the Tuff Trucks and their drivers give it their all! It made us want to come back for more in the future!


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    Pete Guthrie
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    Pete Guthrie

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