Torque Burnout has just released the Farmtruck for Download!

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Torque Burnout has easily become one of the top automotive mobile game apps in a short amount of time and TB has done an excellent job of capturing the burnout (skid) market.  Burnouts and skids may not be as involved in the United States as it is in Australia or New Zealand but that's not keeping 10 million gamers away from downloading this digital version of anarchy on concrete.

Also Available for download is 1320video's very own 1000hp Unicorn Corvette, conceptualized by Kyle Loftis. 

The download is free but the in-app purchases can get expensive.  Take the game for a spin and see if it's as addictive as everyone is making it out to be!

Big Thanks to TheSlapTrain for the amazing reviews!



  • Heres 1 for you. A turbo charged golfcart on 27" tires got pics just cant upload

    Ed (PIG)
  • You need to get a race chassis and put your truck body on it!! That would be bad ass!!

    Dennis Garner
  • I would like to see you be more competitive on the list.
    Have you ever thought about setting up an S10 or something strictly for the list? Say an S10 with a cap on it painted in the Farmtruck style. I think it would be great for you and the show to be a contender on the list.

    Justin Harris
  • Who is the picture of on the back window of the cab of ur truck? Love the farm truck by the way?

  • Farm truck and Azn are AWESOME!!!
    Love you guys and would love to meet you sometime. Funny Funny Funny I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. Keep up the great work!

    Dennis Rasmussen

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