The Record breaking return of The Haunted Hearse!

    The haunted hearse may be a familiar face for long-time Farmtruck and Azn fans. The hearse is the only vehicle that has been around before the Spinoff show was ever even in the works. You can go back as far as seven years ago to see Farmtruck and Azn getting the seats upholstered to make it look like nobody's driving the vehicle.

    Over the last few years, the hearse has sort of taken the backseat to a few projects that have had more of a deadline on them. This hearse isn’t all fun and games now however, what used to be a fun vehicle to go out and prank people is now laying down burnt rubber almost anywhere it goes. The Hearse is now home to a 6.6L Duramax with a compound turbo setup as well as enough nitrous to wake up the dead. With the nitrous laying cozy inside of the coffin in the back, this hearse is the perfect sleeper.

    Although Farm and Azn were finally happy to have the hearse fully completed, they weren't stopping there. They decided they were going to shoot for the Guinness Book of World Records for the fastest hearse in the quarter-mile. The group already knew that there were faster hearses out and about, but they wanted the bragging rights that come with a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records. The time to beat was 115.6mph at 12.20 seconds. After a few failed test runs, the hearse finally woke the demons up and hightailed it down the track. The run it made was just quick enough to yet again give Farmtruck and Azn another accomplishment to their names by running an 11.06 at 120mph in the quarter mile.


     Farm is heard in the YouTube video reviewing the process saying that the Hearse is extremely important to him because of the time the vehicle has been a part of the crew. With the Guinness record behind them now, Farmtruck and Azn are setting their sights on possibly racing other hearses to see what it will take to push the hearse to the next level.


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