The OKC Auto Show was a blast!

The first Oklahoma City Auto Show was held January 23-26, 1917. We are extremely grateful that we were selected to attend and be an attraction for the show this year. The auto show featured a ton of cool sites and sounds ranging from dogs to exotic cars and even a giant wiener mobile.


If you attended the show, you could have found a rusty c10, a boat, and a giant prison bus lounging on the west side of the 200,000 square foot Bennett event center. Nothing excites Farmtruck and Azn more than being able to see followers and fans of their crazy antics in the same spot. The event started on the fourth of March and continued up until the sixth. Farm and Azn were only supposed to sign autographs and meet fans for four or so hours on the fifth, but they decided to come out every day and conversate with the racing fans. 

The weekend was very rewarding and a ton of smiling faces came through to say what's up to the busy duo, but Farmtruck and Azn said they'd do it all over again if possible. They want to make it clear that without the support of people like you reading this blog, they would not be able to come up with crazy ideas and produce them. Farm could be heard countless times saying thank you to the people in line for keeping them on the road and constantly putting out new jaw-dropping builds. The show wrapped up on the sixth and Farmtruck made sure to burn as much rubber as allowed while he was driving out of the Bennett Event Center. 

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