The Non-Human Victims of Hurricane Harvey also Need Your Help

Hurricane Harvey has made a damn mess in the south and the world is doing everything it can to assist in the clean-up and preservation of what it has left behind in it's wake. Farmtruck, myself and our entire team are doing our part to raise awareness that our furry friends are also in need of our assistance and to not forget that their lives are also affected. Animal shelters are full and families who were in fear of their own lives had to leave their pets behind in order to save themselves. We urge you to make donations to a shelter, charity or support systems of your choice so that our non-human friends can once again find normalcy in this ever changing disaster. - Team FNA


  • I love Susie Lou on the 405 show. I know she is so loved by all who has the joy of petting her and racing with the 405. Help all the Animals you can and know that your GOOD DEED’s are always love from your heart and don’t ever forget all dog’s are loved in Heaven (In honor of Louise of the 405. ) Farmtruck I’ve never met you but my offer was from my Heart. about my dog cemetary . May Louise rest in peace and I hope Susie Lou lives along time .maybe I could meet her I would love to. Not HELLCAT but Heaven;s Kitten remember on Facebook You asked the question Hellcat or Heavens Kitten. I chose the Dung Beetle.

    Elizabeth Harris
  • Thank you for helping the animals in the aftermath . Alot of people don’t care about animals that are tied outside and can’t escape on their own from the flood waters . I wish all animals could be lucky and have a true angel of compassion and mercey . All animals need someone to care about them domesticated or wild.

    Elizabeth Harris

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