The Flatbed VS The World at Winter Meltdown 2018

Beyond the 1320 at the Winter Meltdown race was wild, cold air and non prepped asphalt surface make it VERY tricky to lay down a quick pass. Watch Larry Brown take on some CRAZY fast rides!

Larry Brown isn't your typical farmer, he has a serious need for speed.  The weapon of choice is this VERY unsuspecting Dodge Ram Truck with a Flatbed.  Larry says his truck makes around 1,000hp and 2,000 tq but who knows with this sleeper truck!   The video shows him going rounds with some of the fastest rides around. 


Video by Aaron with NX Gonzo Video

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  • I beat the truck the first time. Funny the GoPro Mysteriously dies. It was a shady operation for sure. Larry is a great racer.

    Money Magnet

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