The Dung Beetle Reincarnated | HALTECH HEROES

The boys from Haltech came all the way from down unda to wire and set up the new Haltech system in the Dung Beetle. Everyday its getting closer and closer to being ready for some hits on the dyno and some testing on the streets with some help from the boys at Misfire Motorsports and BW Tuning
Next to Herbie this could be the world's most famous VW Beetle. Its fame and notoriety are largely the result of the regular appearances in the hit TV show Street Outlaws alongside its owner - Jeff aka AZN. But what's the Dung Beetle doing at Misfire Motorsports - a workshop specialising in Subarus? Press the PLAY button to find out!


  • the only race car in the show bring him back !!!!

  • Cool Dung Beetle miss watching you guys. I learn to drive in a 74 bug and raced it too, but unfortunately it when up in smoke literally. It was a total lost.

    Ron Banes
  • Sure enjoy You Guys here in Lenoir NC. Would be great to one day meet You. You have ALL done a great service to Drag Racing!! GOD BLESS YOU BOTH !!! FARMAGEDON RULES FARRARI DRULES!!!

    Rob Burleson

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