The Air Scream has arrived!

Surprise surprise, Farmtruck and Azn have found themselves being the talk of the town once again. With their water antics left behind in the warmer days, they have moved on to a build even more mysterious than a truck sitting on top of a pontoon frame. The “Air Scream” has emerged as a camper trailer that is not powered by a typical tow vehicle.

This camper has life of its own! Sitting underneath the shell of the camper is a fully functional van body and a working drivetrain to push this camper at speeds that wow anyone that can look past this rogue trailer barreling down the streets. The racing duo revealed this project on their new spin-off show released on discovery channel this past Monday as the first build for the premiering episode. Within two short days of this episode, the camper on the loose has caught the eyes of millions and Farmtruck and Azn have managed to entertain the public just as routinely as they did on the mother show, street outlaws.

With seven more episodes existing in their spin-off show, there’s no telling what other builds will make an appearance to leave us speechless!


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