Testing with Lutz and the 57


Lutz needed data for the new set up on the 57 and we were there to help. For us, its an honor to help the Speed Demon himself by pouring that Pimp Juice and backing him up into his groove.

It only took two passes to get the car dialed in before heading to the races. After making a solid pass the first go around, Lutz made some minor adjustments to his tune and turned that 57 up! 

The 2nd pass was exactly what Lutz was looking for. The 57 is ready for the list! 





  • Just a bad ass car!! Love to watch you go down the track. Go to #1 on that 405 list!!

    Julie Smith
  • I’m sure u will kick ass next season can’t wait

  • Thats one bitchen 57.Keep it straight.And smokem up

    Jim Wayts
  • Keep it going Jeff looking to see ya at the top of the list soon

    Ron Sr

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