Street Outlaws RETURN to the streets April 1st


Get your Pimp Juice ready and bump into that starting line, a brand new season of the 405 Street Outlaws comes to ya April 1st! 

After watching the Outlaws travel the country for the battle to crown the King of No Prep, the climb to the top of the 405's top 10 list returns to the streets! 


Press release courtesy of Discovery Channel:

Start your engines – the best of Oklahoma City’s street racers are back with brand-new episodes of the hit series STREET OUTLAWS.  With a new season comes new challenges, and this time around, the 405 racers find themselves banding together like never before as they attempt to put their past behind them and get back to doing what they do best – winning street races.  

STREET OUTLAWS returns Monday, April 1 at 9pm ET/PT on Discovery Channel.  Viewers will also be able to catch the current season, along with past seasons of STREET OUTLAWS, on the Discovery GO app – free with their paid TV subscription.


Photos by Lou with 405 Photo



  • Just saw the opening tonight. Chief, what a moron you are. How dare you not defend your guys. Not staged and the idiot even jumped and you claim it was a race. You been an ass since last season. A big chest don’t make a man. I had one with 20 inch guns in my day but I still had respect for the guys I ran with and backed them 110%. Either step the hell up or step the hell OUT……….

    David Harmon
  • Why do you run the 1/8 mile instead of a 1/4 mile?

    Steve Martin

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