Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings Season 2 Premiers January 14th 2019

All-new episodes of STREET OUTLAWS: NO PREP KINGS start up on Monday, January 14th at 9/8 central time on Discovery Channel. 

If you kept up with us this Summer and Fall on social media, you would have seen us traveling the country for the gnarliest, most unforgiving, highest paying No Prep series in the country. 

Season 2 will bring back last years winner Birdman along with runner-up Ryan Martin and his Fireball Camaro. Every race they will be fighting for points and the $50,000 grand prize along with 32 fellow drivers that include; Jeff Lutz, Mike Murillo, Doc Love, Dominator, Monza, Daddy Dave, Chuck's the 55, Reaper, Kamikaze, Kye Kelley, The Megalodon, Barefoot Ronnie, Lizzy Musi and Kayla Morton.

This season we have the Big Tire Invitational cars along with a "race your way in" for new drivers to get a chance to compete for points in the big race. Boosted GT also brings his Small Tire Brawl with some stiff competition. That is including himself, Bill Lutz, Chase the Kid, Keith Szabo, and the Hate Tank among others.

Season 2 is guaranteed to showcase the countries fastest No Prep racers putting it all on the line to claim the prize money and the title of the No Prep King. Stay tuned to see who will be crowned the champ and who will be left in the dust! 


All photos taken by Lou with 405 Photo







  • Do you have a complete schedule for all of 2019

    Kathie Carathers
  • how can i get a schedule to buy tickets at various tracks? thanks

    rich baker
  • Please post the 2019 race schedule. We want to attend a race or two and need to plan ahead. Thanks

    Sherry Bain
  • When are you coming to Ennis for final race noprep 2019

    Terri Browning
  • First of all, No Prep Kings is f***in awesome! What is the 2019 schedule? I wanna know when y’all be coming to North Carolina!!!

    Curtis Alexander

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