Street Outlaws: Farmtruck and AZN

 You might want to put your seatbelts on for this one! Farmtruck and azn have started a new journey of their own with their own spinoff show on discovery channel! They have decided it was time to take care of business by themselves in this new show. These two guys have made a name for themselves racing down the streets of Bethany,  Oklahoma and have been given the opportunity to show off their talents on discovery channel again.


The team has been given the chance to show off their crazy ideas and imaginations while building eight separate projects. These builds are unlike anything ever seen on television and the internet. Some of the builds haven’t even had the chance to be announced on the tv show because they were leaked due to the builds being so crazy and out of this world. The Farmboat was the first leaked build and it went viral on multiple platforms to say the least. In farm trucks defense, it is pretty difficult to keep the hype down when driving a pontoon boat with a truck shell on top of it down the highway. 



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