Steve Darnell is Recharging Las Vegas

Steve Darnell has built a reputation from taking scrap parts of nothing and turning them into something bigger than life. He is the leader and brainchild of Welder Up, a one of a kind vehicle customization shop based in Las Vegas.

We have had the privilege of calling Steve our friend. Nearly a couple of years ago during SEMA, Steve took his artistic madness out on the Dung Beetle and created the menacing new look on the hood of the Dung. We couldn't have been more stoked to have Steve use his talent and skills on one of our builds.


As you all know, Las Vegas has taken a major hit during the Covid19 pandemic. What once was a thriving city that never slept, it has recently been turned into a ghost town as restaurants and casinos close down. It's time to Recharge Las Vegas and there is no one better than Steve Darnell for the job! 

- Farmtruck and AZN

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