SPRING CLEANING at the FNA Firehouse!

While doing some spring cleaning at the FNA Firehouse we felt that the Firehouse needed even more of a curb appeal, so we got a hold of our good friend Tony Weslund with Novel and Proper to help us out!
Tony has helped us out over the years with a bunch of projects! If you remember when I first got the Dung Beetle, it was Tony who came out to help us paint it! 
Lou, with 405 Photo, had just come up with a new design for a highway sign, the Outlaw Highway 405! So we asked Tony if he would try his hand at painting the design on our garage door. 
To celebrate the fresh look to the FNA Firehouse, we are giving away a FREE "Outlaw Highway 405" sticker with every order, from now until the end of this month! 


  • Farm truck and an are the very best part of street outlaws

    Randy williams
  • So proud of you Cuz

    Connie Huckabay
  • I have known this kid for quite some time, he is an amazing creative and talented artist.

    Stephanie westlund

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