SPIT WAD AIR CANNON CAR - RACE DAY! - Behind the Scenes of Farmtruck and AZN Episode 3

We are three weeks into the new spinoff show airing, and the builds keep getting crazier and crazier. This past Monday, the crazy pair showed off their newest build, the “Spitwad”. Discontraption involves pressurized air to shoot this airplane styled build at a high rate of speed, showing more than impressive numbers at the 60 foot mark. Sean a.k.a. murder nova, described this phenomenon as “someone blowing a straw wrapper off of the straw.” This could honestly be seen as the best way to describe this crazy idea put to life by farm truck and Azn. A pressurized air chamber connects to the vehicle via metal piping and builds up pressure until the driver presses a special button to release it.

As we could see in the episode, the spit wad reaches the sixty foot mark at around one second while testing it safely. Azn stepped up to be the test pilot in this build and was extremely surprised to feel the power that this pressurized Street rocket provided. He immediately felt his stomach drop like he was on a roller coaster and noted that he had never felt anything like that before out of any vehicle he had been inside of.

We know that this is something incredible because those words come from a man who was violently spun in a nitrous chair for approximately eight seconds at an incredible rate of speed and g-force. It will be tough to top these three builds in recent episodes, but knowing this duo, they will do it and do it consistently.


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