Sparky the Electric S10 lives up to its surname!

   Farmtruck and Azn threw us a curveball in the latest episode of their spinoff show. We are used to seeing gas-guzzling, ear-destroying, and jaw-dropping vehicle builds, but the crew decided it was time to get a taste of the future. The group made the statement “We stepped out of our comfort zone and built this S-10 with an electric motor. Dubbed, Sparky, this Electric Truck has taken our team into new territory in the drag racing world. We have a ways to go before we figure it all out but we are excited to add this new technology to our fleet!”

   Following the episode, reviews were very mixed when people heard an electric vehicle and Farmtruck and Azn in the same sentence. Farm and Azn wanted a way to show off a different approach to going fast and having fun while doing it. Although “sparky” did not necessarily perform to the standards that Farmtruck and Azn are used to, they believe the knowledge they gained from the experience can be utilized down the road just in case they stumble across a few more batteries. 

  For now, Azn is hard at work researching and making calls to try and see if he can improve the overall ability of the truck. However, stepping into new territory with electricity and batteries is not always sunshine and rainbows. In the episode, you can see the batteries creating what is called an “arc” on about the third attempt at a pass down the drag strip. An electric arc, or arc discharge, is an electrical breakdown of a gas that produces a prolonged electrical discharge. In this case, the discharge was inches away from Azn as he prepared to race Farmtruck. With some quick thinking from the surrounding crew and Azn, he was able to make it out of the vehicle and would not become a victim of an electric chair. The boys have quite a ways to go with Sparky before they can make consistent passes down the strip, but the journey is what makes it all worth it in the end. 

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