Murder Nova new Diecasts are here!

Shawn Ellington a.k.a. Murder Nova, has routinely found a way to keep his name in the spotlight even off of the hit TV show street outlaws. Shawn has kept himself busy with being a part of the No Prep Kings racing series on Discovery Channel where he has just finished his first full season. Now that NPK has concluded, he will be racing on Street outlaws, Americas list. Filming for this series is set to begin very soon.


This California native brings to the table a 1969 Chevy nova with a big block chevy with a brand new ProCharger. Shawn has agreed to let the Murder Nova become replicated as a small model car known as a diecast. Fans of street outlaws have grown to love these small replicas and routinely add to their collections when a new member of the TV show creates their personal diecast. Various members of the television show already have diecasts available. Some of these personalities include Farmtruck and his famous orange c10, Azn and his Dung Beetle bug, Jeff Lutz with his 57 Chevy, and Daddy Dave with his Goliath Chevy Nova. Most gearheads dream as a kid were to collect as many diecasts as possible. With the release of these new diecasts, those dreams are now a reality if they are avid watchers of street outlaws. 

As the main focus of this product is the actual diecast itself, most can get distracted by the packaging it comes in. These slick designs are the work of Lou 405 Photo. Various photos from the TV show and photos taken by Lou himself are used as the artwork on these pieces. Because the artwork on these products are so well done, we have found that a good majority of buyers keep the diecast in the packaging. We are extremely excited for the release of the murder nova diecast and believe that it will complete quite a few of your collections. 




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