Jeeper Sleeper - Smooth Boosted

 Modern Muscle recently installed a new Smooth Boost system in the Jeeper Sleeper. So while we were at the Summit Motorsports Park for the Street Outlaws No Prep Kings race, we decided to do a little testing and tuning. Thanks to Smooth Boost, the Jeeper Sleeper is now even more efficient at taking cars that line up next to it out to eat at Gapplebees!
Smooth Boost
Modern Muscle


  • What ever happened to good old raw horse power no turbos,no nitros,just horse power

    Ronald Brantley
  • Hola le hablo de argentina y fan de ustedes y del 405 miro siempre sus capitulos son unos genios.

  • I would love to put this on my 01 8.1 chevy express van

    Ray peel
  • #KnowYourMonster awesome video explaining the functionality of SmoothBoost on the Jeeper Sleeper

    Stephen Dixon

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