Jared Holt "JROD" wins $15,000 in the "True Street" Class at Outlaw Armageddon 5

You might remember a green 1997 Supra with a mouthy driver racing the Farmtruck in the early seasons of Street Outlaws. Back then Jared Holt's (Jrod) Supra was just a stock car with minimal modifications. The Supra raced the Farmtruck while sporting a 67mm turbo running on e85, making about 780whp. While racing the Farmtruck, Jrod's Supra had trouble leaving off the line on the stock transmission, ultimately costing him the race. "The car felt so sluggish", said Jrod, "So after I got gapped by the Farmtruck. I sent it to Realstreet Performance and the transformation started."

The 97 Supra is now running a stock Toyota Rs1600 engine with aluminum rods and Real Street Pistons. Extra kick comes from a T4 8385 Precision turbo. Rounding up the car is a RPM transmission and an IRS DSS 9” rear end. Jrod's Supra is also rocking all stock body panels and glass. Power windows and power mirrors...real street car that can go thru the drive thru at Sonic! The green Supra is Realstreet built and tuned by Jay Meagher.

In a conversation about Outlaw Armageddon Jrod said, "Outlaw Armageddon was unreal!! Craziest race of my life!! To take on a field of 90+ cars and be the only import car was a little intimidating to say the least. But I knew we had a car that could compete. With Jay, from Realstreet, tuning the car, I had all the confidence in their build and abilities. And to watch everyone bet against me on the starting line was pretty funny, to show them up and prove them wrong."

Jrod is not planning on stopping anytime soon. 
"Our plan is to continue to make the car more competitive, in national events. Possible going billet block and larger turbo. It had always been a dream of mine to do a YouTube channel with 90’s cars. So I have been fortunate enough to acquire a good amount of my dream 90’s cars. So I will be doing full features on those cars along with my upcoming builds on my 93 Rx7 2jz and my twin turbo GTS Viper and Syclone."

"This is the finals race between myself and  Cody Hoffman, if he don’t spin on the hit, this was going to be one helluva 405 final for $15,000!" - Jrod
Words by: Lou, 405 Photo
Cover photo by: Phillip, Freakshow Photography

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  • Thats why I love my 2j engine

    Eddy Thoel

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