Gone racin!! Team FNA at the Coffeyville Street Drags

It was a cool and breezy Saturday morning in the 405, while loading the trailers up for our upcoming road trip. We felt like filling our lungs with tire smoke and filling our hearts with some racing. So we loaded up the Mordoor Nova  and Gonorail and started our early morning drive up north to the Coffeyville Street Drags in Coffeyville KS.


Ever since converting the Gonorail over to a straight line racing set up, the AWD, Procharged behemoth needed to be tested under full racing conditions. So we planned on making a few Grudge race call outs to see just how much power the road and the Gonorail could handle while putting a bit of skin in the game!

As we all know from experience. Not every road is the same and power management on that road, that day is the key to making a solid pass and not roasting the tires. So testing and racing on different surfaces is a must to be prepared for any road.

Our good friend, Jeremy, had recently helped us with some slight upgrades to the Mordoor Nova. Our goal was to upgrade the car from just being a punch line to a serious street raced car. So we had a small block chevy put in built by Marc Brown and stuck some 28" Mickey Thompsons on the 15" JEGS wheels. A few suspension modifications were done via QA1 double adjustables to be able to help manage the extra power. 

We spent all day racing and having fun doing what we love with OUR people that Saturday. Seeing how alive the racing culture is in America brings tears to our eyes and Pimp Juice to our traction! We can't wait to bring our cars out again! 

Congrats to the Luv Truck on the win! 



Check out the photos from the event!


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