FNA Driving CARNAGE! A twin Turbo LS1 MIATA

While down unda killing tyres at SUMMERNATS, the boys at Street Machine Magazine let us take their twin turbo 5.7 liter LS Miata (MX5) named CARNAGE out for a lap! While known to be a "girls" car back in the USA, this Miata is packing some serious power and big tires! 

Driving thru the infamous Tuff Street is an experience like no other! That is where the wildest SUMMERNATS fans like to party. The whole lap was full of fans eager to give us high fives and begging us to do a burn out while taking a lap. Burn outs during a lap are not allowed and are highly enforced by the local Police. So we were on our best behavior and tried our best no to get kicked out of the event. We still had business to take car of with the Skid Truck! 

It was a dry 98 degrees outside that day, and unfortunately for CARNAGE we ended up overheating it and drove it back limping to the the pits.


We would love to see what this car could do at the track or in the street. Weighing in at only 800lbs and a ton of power, it would be wild to watch! 


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