FNA & Speed Society Speak NFT's

Many of you know Speed Society has been involved with Farmtruck and AZN since the early days of Street Outlaws and helped us dive into social media. Their team have always been trailblazers in digital media and currently operate one of the largest automotive enthusiast lifestyle brands in the country. Every few months I sit down with them to catch up and mastermind a bit, and this time something really exciting came to fruition.

As digital media, shows and art have become so prevalent in our daily lives and we consume all of this content on our digital devices. We thought, how can we create something so unique and special for our fans and supporters? Something that moves Farmtruck and AZN into the future and explore the Metaverse simultaneously with our fans? Well, we are excited to announce a new collaboration with Speed Society. We will be launching a special limited edition NFT Project that consists of unique and exclusive NFT’s being minted of all the Farmruck and AZN cars and projects you all love so much like Farmbird, Farmtruck, Dung Beetle, and more.

These NFT’s will be living and breathing digital creations that only you get to own, they will be made in limited quantities and nobody else we be able to own them. They will be unique to you and your collection. You will be able to keep them forever, display, sell or trade into the future. Truly unique and exciting pieces of art that document these famous cars into the future of the Metaverse. 

This is so much fun and exciting for me. I really look forward to sharing it with you and letting you know when the project drops in the first quarter of 2022. We have a lot of amazing things coming in addition to our brand new show on the Discovery Channel called Street Outlaws:  Farmtruck and AZN on January 10th.





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