Farmtruck vs Dung Beetle

Well it was only a matter of time before we decided once and for all which vehicle was quicker out of the Farmtruck and the Dung Beetle. We had the chance to answer that age old questions this passed weekend at Outlaw Armageddon in Noble, OK at Thunder Valley Raceway Park. Farmtruck and myself decided that the first race would be all out, everything that he had and that I would run him on low boost, that was a big mistake. The Farmtruck is what it is and we know it works, it doesn't break and it hooks on dirt road with the tune we have in it, The Dung Beetle just didn't have enough on low boost we had other issues with it slightly bogging off the line, excuses, excuses, the little VW did very well for the small problems we incurred :) so we went for a round 2 with The Farmtruck's Nitrous turned off and me on high boost which is around 24lbs. The Dung lost again but this time only by a couple cars rather than 50 but again found issues, she never went into high boost and still bogged off the line, she should have hung he hoops high. We'll get her all figured out and see if Farmtruck wants to play again, but two losses in a row is a clean sweep! So for now I'll go back to the garage with my team of tuning gurus and see if we can't get that Dung lined out for next time. 

I want to thank Chris, JROD, Baylor and the Misfire Motorsports Team for all the help this weekend, usually Farmtruck is out there helping me backing the car up and getting me in my tracks but these guys stepped in to help. We have great people around us. Also thanks to all of the fans and spectators who came out to watch all the racing for Outlaw Armageddon, it's truly an awesome event that brings every serious racer and race fan to the middle of America to battle it out and I'm honored to just be a part of it. 




  • Hi, I love watching you two. You all do some of the best builds.
    I was going to see if you two ever have redone cars or trucks for other people?
    I was asking I have a K-5 blazer. It was my husband but he has passed away. So I was going to see
    What it would take to to do. If u would write me back . Thank you Anita Crenwelge.

  • I can’t help but feel nastaljec. My first truck I ever bought was a 1972 Chevy C10 with a 350 in 1987. I bought it from my next door neighbor & great friend who I’ve hunted and fished with a lot before his passing. He was older than me. Back in those days I had way more elderly gentlemen friends than those close to my age. From a very young age. I figured out very early in life that I wanted to be around those men as they had so much wisdom to share. Most had lived threw the depression and most of them taught me to only spend money on essentials because you never know when that could happen again. He wanted a thousand bucks in hundred dollar bills. I was Jonny on the spot in giving him that grand. The truth was incredible fast with as perfect of a motor as you could ever want. I drove it for 6 yrs. only thing I did was oil changes and tires. I put about 65,000 miles on it And when I needed a better truck because of having to drive a lot of miles every day.i sold it for 1250 bucks. $250 I made on it. I wish I had keep it but I have some really great memories in that truck. So the Farmtruck holds dear to my heart because of my 1st 72’ C10

    Scott Sprague
  • I wonder if you have VW transporter/minibus rear end IIRC the ratios were better.
    higher rear reduces the chance to bog the motor. is your motor over 2200 cc’s?
    I was a Sargent at arms Orange county chapter. my TV debut back in the 70’s was the NEWS.
    I spotted the LA county jacket 2 or 3 episodes ago. sorry to see the fight break out.
    I used to make loads of $$$ back then My Dodge was a year newer than dominators and I had a small block Mopar. Not competitive in todays 660 wars but with a full interior, heat, AC, single 4 bbl holly it ran 10.20’s the prostocks were in the 9’s.
    If I ever get to the 405 is it ok to drop in and swap stories?


  • Well…look at it this way: You treed Farmtruck. How many people can say that?

  • Thanks you guys are always great.


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