Farmtruck and Azn visit the Freedom Factory!

Farmtruck and Azn made a trip over to Florida for The Fast Expo 2022 Event. After the event wrapped up, they found themselves driving down a road with only one destination in mind, the Freedom Factory. What is the freedom factory you might ask? The Freedom Factory is a 3/8th oval track located in Bradenton, FL. This track was abandoned in 2017 and was recently purchased and is under restoration by a man named Cleetus Mcfarland. Cletus has taken his crazy antics over the years and has built a Youtube empire with it. He has done everything ranging from buying auction cars and turning them into full drag strip beasts, to having fun boat build competitions with his friends. No matter what this man puts on the internet, there will be people who want to watch it.

Originally making the trip for the trade show, farm and Azn stopped in Bradenton while making their way back home. Heading to the freedom factory had them stumped when they came up to a locked fence with nowhere to turn a trailer around. Luckily a man named Josh, who they later found out was the operations manager at the track, saw them and immediately recognized the two.

After a short conversation, Farm was already unloading the ear rattling c10 from his enclosed trailer. Azn, armed with only a GoPro, had the important task of capturing all of the craziness about to go down at the track. Farm drove the Farmtruck up and onto the track and began to heat his tires up with a couple of laps. After Cletus had gotten some good footage of the truck going around, he decide it was his turn to jump in and join him. 

Not only did Cletus join in, he almost stole the show with his impressive drifting skills. He maneuvered around the Farmtruck effortlessly as Mike Patey, a celebrated Aviation pilot, riding shotgun in the corvette. Azn made sure to get the best shots he could with a GoPro and a dream. The group finished off the day down by the middle of the track with Cletus drifting a circle around the Farmtruck doing a burnout. All of this craziness seems impossible almost for one day, but that is what these guys live for. Farm truck and Azn loved every second at the Freedom Factory and they wish nothing but more success for Cletus and his crew!

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