Emily and Aaron - Live, Love, Wrench

Our good friends Emily and Aaron Reeves have gotten their own series on Motor Trend OnDemand, delightfully titled - Live, Love, Wrench.

We first heard of Emily and Aaron through their YouTube channel, Flying Sparks Garage. Hoping to talk shop with them one day, we finally got the opportunity to meet them in person at SEMA 2017 and had an instant connection with them.

The new series expands on what their YouTube channel is all about. You can watch along as Emily and Aaron take on tasks in their garage that don’t always work out as planned but are never run away from. The series really shines when you see them working together to take on projects and solve any obstacles that may come up to get the job done.

We have never claimed to be the best mechanics ourselves but we do not shy away from work and problem solving, which is why we connected with Emily and Aaron so well!


Best of luck with everything guys! We’ll be watching!!!



You can stream all the episodes here!









  • Nice looking couple that puts a different spin on an automotive show. They’re not professionals but they entertain and probably show a more accurate depiction of what you’ll see in the garage or backyards of many shade tree mechanics.

  • must be nice to work with rust free newer and southern cars come to cleveland ohio and work on rusty and beat up cars from our crap streets i have been a mechanic for 59 years you people have gravy jobs try our cars and see how the real guys have to work with i know you will not be so happy making a living in the north east

    john christopher
  • we love this show, Emily and aaron, are very intelligent, and so caring for each other, this show is truly fantastic, and I can’t hardly wait till the next episode, keep up the great work, you 2 are truly fantastic. and I have learned a lot from the both of you.

    marty and joyce aldrich
  • This show SUCKS. Emily & Aaron are cheesy, unprofessional & have incorrectly repaired things on air!! I wouldn’t let them fix anything of mine even with free labor.

    Ray Cumberledge
  • I like the show but emily needs to loose the metal belt buckle scratches the heck out of fenders. great show.

    Dan peaslee

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