Deals & Steals with Farmtruck and AZN

“There’s no steals….but there’s deals!”

Since Street Outlaws began we have had the opportunity to take some very memorable road trips. Most of the road trips almost always involve a stop or 2 at a place that caught our eye after veering off the path a bit, in hopes to find and adventure or some deals!

Take a walk with us while we pick around at this antique shop in Tennessee, that we stopped by while we were traveling to Bristol for the $100k race. Farmtruck even shares some of his picking secrets that I never knew before! If any of you have made it by our FNA Firehouse, you have seen how we’ve put to use some the items that we have collected. Many of which have come from trips and stops just like this one!


  • I would love for you to find 1970’s Opel GT and turn in to a race car like the Dung Beetle. This was my first car. Its aka (Baby Vette). I believe it’s related to the Dung Beetle so you would just be keeping it in the family.
    A fan- Bobby Ray

    Bobby Ray Cordill
  • fun to watch

  • U guys rock!!!
    My partner and I love watching you two on street outlaws.
    In fact all our friends and family stay tuned just to see what you guys get up to next!!!
    Much love all the way from South Africa.
    Yeah… got tons of fans here, hope you guys come visit us soon. And bring and the farmtruck with :-)

  • You guys are Awesome, we live 30 miles from Canada in Mapleton Maine,there is a drag strip in Winterport Me. We race there a 56 Mopar blue Dodge pick up truck. Wish Okc could race with us… love Kelly and John Kaiser

    Kelly McCarthy
  • Farm Truck I like your mobility scooter but unfortunately you are not the only one that has a high performance scooter

    Joe gordin

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