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Eight exciting weeks have passed and we are nothing short of happy with how the show has turned out so far. The exciting news in this case is that our builds do not stop after they are broadcasted on television. Something quite a few of our fans may not know, is that we pour a ton of time and effort into our YouTube channel.

Not only do we spend our time going over our builds in depth, we focus on trying to have as much fun as possible as well. If you've been enjoying the spin off show so far, we truly believe that you will enjoy our YouTube just as much. Some of our favorite videos on our YouTube include videos of Farm before the lights and cameras, special build walk arounds, and other funny antics because who the heck really knows what Farmtruck and Azn will bring to the shop at any time.

Although we are sad our spinoff show has aired it's finale, our YouTube channel will be our main focus from here on out and we will put our best ability into entertaining you for many months and years to come. Our recent endeavors in the YouTube world featured Farmtruck and Azn visiting Cletus McFarland over at the freedom factory in Florida.

Farm got the chance to make some trips around the track while Cletus drifted his corvette around the rusty c10. If you check us out over on YouTube, leave us a comment that you’re from the spin-off show, or this blog and we will comment a big FNA Thank you!


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