AZN's Jeeper Sleeper

The purpose of this post is to be as technical as possible about Jeeper Sleeper and answer some of the most common questions that have come in after airing the Daily Driver episode on Street Outlaws and making an appearance at South Carolina Motorplex for No Prep Kings airing soon! Farmtruck and myself always try to be as transparent as possible with our builds so that no one feels as though we're hiding information or trying to mislead anyone.  Thanks for your support as always and there's much more to come from this build by Modern Muscle Xtreme. 

Modern Muscle Performance / owner Dave and Stephen the GM were manning our booth during PRI 2016 when AZN happened to be wondering by and saw our “Grouch” Jeep SRT8 build. He imediately stopped and began to look over the build quality and talk to Stephen and Dave about what went into the project. After some discussion AZN made it known to us that he had just purchased a 2008 Jeep SRT8 Grand Cherokee and would love to do something with it similar to what we had done with the Grouch, but money was an issue with that large of a build. She still has heated seats and A/C!

Dave and Stephen took the opportunity to work together with AZN and certain manufacturers to make his #JEEPERsleeper build happen. Starting with a 6.1L based “405” HEMI stroker engine and additional modifications to get this monster down the 1/4 mile with the quickness.

This 2008 Jeep SRT8 Features the Following Modern Muscle Upgrades:
  • 6.1L Based 405 HEMI Stroker Engine by Modern Muscle Performance
  • 6.20 Molnar Crank and Rods
  • Procharger D1X Supercharged
  • ATI 18% Overdriven Balancer
  • Exclusive Modern Muscle / Fore Fuel System
  • ID 1050x Injectors
  • Innovate A/F and Boost Gauges
  • Custom Modern Muscle Performance Chassis Dyno Tune
  • Drive Shaft Shop Axles
  • HP Tuners interface
  • Weld Beadlock Aluminum Drag Wheels
  • Paramount Performance NAG1 SUPER PRO 5 Speed Transmission
  • Ported Factory Intake done By MMX
  • Brakes are done by R1 Concepts
  • QA1 Double Adjustable shocks
  • Fore Innovations Fuel System
  • Fueling provided by Pump Gas 93 Octane
  • NItrous Express kit coming soon....
  • Comp Cams valve train and cam grind
  • Stainless works headers and catback exhaust
  • Hellcat Throttle body by MMX
  • Edelbrock Performer RPM Cylinder heads for Gen III Hemi
  • Derale cooling fans for trans and radiator

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  • You guys are amazing but I absolutely want to thank you for taking up my dream that you could race a Jeep like I’ve wanted to do for a few years now. My dream has n would be to race just one time I’ve wanted to for along, wish you could make that come true

    Lillian Weeden

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