Last weekend we made the 1,400+ mile drive out east to the family owned Delaware International Speedway. In tow we had the Dirt Farmer and a special vehicle for a special race. 
While we were getting the Dirt Farmer ready to take on some dirt ramps at the Tuff Truck Challenge, we found ourselves in a high stakes race for PINKS! Clearly outmatched, we quickly figured out that the race was actually through a dirt course and not on a flat surface. We had our work cut out for us but WITHOUT ANY HELP, AZN took on his fiercest competition yet.......5 year olds.

They had it all there, Monster Trucks, Dinosaurs and double batteries. These kids were not here to mess around. They came prepared. Our VW Bus had it's worked cut out for it. Watch below to see how AZN managed to break a track speed record! 

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