As long as I can remember, the car scene in Oklahoma has always been thriving. Be it a few street cars getting down on the streets, a Cars and Coffee or the annual Meridian Cruise, there is always something to see and do while hanging with your friends and cruisin in your ride.

OKC's Monthly Mega Meet, held at Twin Peaks, has become one of the largest gatherings of the local street car scene in recent times. What once was a bunch of hawaiian shirts and dad shorts hanging out by the old Sonic, has now become a gathering of multi-generational racers and car enthusiast. We see everything from old muscle cars, to lifted trucks, super cars and your everyday shit box race cars, show up and hang out while enjoying the view.

AZN and I decided, on a rare night off, to cruise in the Jeeper Sleeper to the car meet. On the way we talk about the perils of upgrading your daily driver and experience a bit of car trouble on the way.

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