Why we built the FNA SKID TRUCK


Australia is now a home away from home for us. Specifically down at the annual, burnout party held in the nations capitol known as SUMMERNATS. We were merely spectators the year before where we learned that it rains rubber down unda and that Aussies HATE tires. They cant stand tires, poppin them left and right! 

So after experiencing this insane car culture here in Australia, we pledged to return to SUMMERNATS the following year but under one condition....that we could build a truck and compete in the burnout competition! Enter the FNA Skid Truck, a Magnuson Supercharger LS2 powered burnout American machine!


The main reason we went thru the trouble of importing the truck and building one in Australia to compete in SUMMERNATS was the staff and students at Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT).

We weren't there for money, we weren't there for fun, we were there for the opportunity to build the truck with the students and staff members of CIT. They are the future of motor sports and they are gaining invaluable knowledge to continue growing the automotive industry. 



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