The Chebby II RETURNS! AZN's first car

Cars to us are more than just steel on wheels that take us from one place to another. They are machines full of history and memories that we keep with us and will never forget.
My first car was a 1964 Chevy II. My dad, who passed away when I was a teenager, helped me build this car. We weren't mechanics or builders, but just working on something together as father and son. The Chebby II was the car that got me started wrenching and street racing. Its the car that I first raced and met Farmtruck in. Its the car I went on first dates with. It's the car I cruised Route 66 in on Saturday nights here in Oklahoma City.
Selling the Chevy II always felt like a mistake. I was at a time in my life where a lot was changing and selling the car felt like the right thing to do. Well, I should have never sold it! haha. Luckily I have an amazing friend and mentor in Farmtruck, that helped me track the car down. He brought the Chebby II back home to the 405.
Fast forward a bit and into my life enters, Chuck Church Jr, from Church Boys Racing. Chuck gets a hold of me and we talk about doing some minor work to the car. Some suspension and maybe a mini tub to put some small tires on it. THATS IT! Chuck, his father and son come to OKC to pick up the Chebby II and take it back to their home to Ohio to get started.
Little did I know that while the car was in their possession, the plans we're actually to rebuild the car from the ground up. During the year and half that the car was with them Farmtruck and Lou (405 Photo) worked closely with Chuck without my knowing. They were gathering information on the car build. Down to every detail, they lied and lied to me, doing anything they could to lead me away from the trail. Slowly the car came together and Farmtruck hatched a plan on how to surprise me with the new and improved Chebby II.
The plan was simple. Farmtruck had found an old Chevy II wagon and he just had to have it! We were in the area for a No Prep Kings race, so we veered off our path to go "look at this wagon" 
I was definitely NOT impressed! haha! It was a cool old wagon but it needed a ton of work. I could not understand why Farmtruck was so interested in it. The seller said he had another wagon in the garage, so we headed that way.
We walked in the garage and there were 2 cars there under car covers. I could see the wheels of the car closest to me and they immediately grabbed my attention. Farmtruck saw my reaction to the wheels and immediately pulled off the car cover before I had time to start putting anything together. 
There she was. The Chebby II. She looked exactly how I wish I could have finished building her with my father. Down to every detail. Farmtruck, Lou, Chuck and Sammy gave me one of the biggest surprises of my life. And the best part is that I had NO clue what they had worked on for me.
The cherry on top of the whole build was the engine. I had been talking to Sammy Maloof for a couple of years about building me a mill for the Chebby II and I just never had the time or money to really make it happen. Farmtruck knew this and as part of the surprise, he coordinated the build with the Maloofs and Church Boys Racing and made it happen! My car came complete with my dream mill, a 440ci, naturally aspirated SBC built by the Maloofs.
I will never let the world forget what my friends did for my out of pure heart and love.

Here are the build specs!

Front Suspension:
CBR (Church Boys Racing) fabricated/modular bolt on front end
    Rack and pinion (manual) with Ididit steering column
    PhaseII DOM upper and lower control arms
        PhaseII  arms come with screw in Howe Racing ball joints for easy adjustments and rebuildable
    Viking Drag tuned single adjustable coil overs 350# springs
    Wilwood Dynalite brakes
   Church Boys Racing triangulated 4-link
    Ride tech drag tuned single adjustable coil overs with 175# spring rate
    Fabricated 9" built by Moser to CBR specs. (note they did not want any thing to do with helping on the project)
        33 spline axels, Wave trac posi, rear end narrowed 2" per side
        Aluminum carrier with pinion support and 1350 series yoke
    Wilwood dynalite brakes
    DSE mini tubs
    The following panels/parts provided by Golden Star
    Replaced passenger quarter panel
    Rocker panel
    Rear tail light panel
   Front and rear bumpers
   Front Fenders
    Trunk pan
    Tail light assembly
    front turn signal and head light bezels
    PPG Red paint
    Painted by CBR painter Coty Black
CBR designed frame tie connectors
Dakota Digital HDX dash with custom 405 logo inside the face
American Auto Wire harness
6 point DOM Roll cage tig welded and hidden from sight
Billet Specialties Win Lite Wheels
    17x6 front
    15x10 rear 275 Mickey Thompson Drag Radial
Abruzzi Transmissions  
    -Maloof Racing prepped 440" SBC 


  • Loved how you saved the door handles off !! Curious on the tranny and motor , 2 speed ? Solid roller? Sounds snappy as hell , finally a real reliable and drivable street strip car thats not on the ragged edge !! Have a blast bro !!

    Jonathan souza
  • About a month ago after a 12 year search I finally found my first car. She’s a 1965 Chevy nova 4 door. Sat in a barn for the past 12 years and still look almost exactly how she was when I rolled down the streets in my high school years. Senior year I dropped a 350 in it and then later on made a bad decision and traded it off. So happy I found her again. It’s so awesome that you were able to find yours. I just hope to make mine bad ass like yours some day

  • im glad you have friends that not only like you but loves you I am 69 years old I have 2 cars a 1965 chevelle ss all original and a 1957 chevy 210 2 door sedan I bought from the original owners with only 23000 original miles with the help from friends they are super cars I really enjoy watching your show im heading south on april 23 I hope to stop by your shop best of luck to you and farmtruck dennis l vokt council bluffs iowa

    dennis l vokt
  • What an awesome surprise gift! I watch the show & always enjoy AZN & Farmtruck’s humor, but this is the real deal friendship! Great looking “Chebby” too!

    Rob Aymond
  • Had the same exact car except mine was a 63. To this day I wish I was able to keep it!!
    Glad to see there are still good people in the world that care for their friends!!!

    Think I might start looking for mine!!!

    Mike Ross

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